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Moving is every bit as stressful as most would imagine or will experience in their lifetime. It’s oftentimes the most put-off decision, and most necessary. That’s why at Sacramento Long Distance Movers we’re dedicated to helping you every step of the way on your journey to a new life anywhere you wish to be in America.

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5 Simple Tips To Make Your Long-Distance Move, Effortless and Smooth

Below are 5 tips to help ‘ease the transition’ from one end of the country to the other:

Get Going Early

As much as we hope for a ‘problem-free’ move, it’s rarely the case. There ARE going to be problems seen or unseen. The best way to iron out the kinds is to PREPARE YOUR MOVE EARLY.

“The early bird gets the worm”. Stay ahead of the curve and not only will you be able to solve any potential issues, it will help our guys make your move easier with as few if any interruptions as possible.

For example, If you THINK you need a certain sized truck, get one size larger ‘just in case’.

Movers often times under-estimate their needs causing spacing issues come moving day.

Take Careful Inventory

Before packing, take the time to mark items you’ll be taking. List what you’re keeping and what you’re tossing or donating. Not only will this save you money during the move, but the headache of sorting when you arrive in your new space. Having your own list gives you control over your move.

Label Your Boxes

Think you’ll need only a few extra boxes?

Grab 3x as many.

Better to have more than you need than not enough while packing, especially around moving season where boxes become scarce and people scramble to get worn torn boxes that fall apart and break underneath.

Think Like Einstein and Pack Smart

Got a few blankets and worn sheets laying around the place? Save a few bucks and use them to wrap delicate items such as furniture, family heirlooms, paintings, or other fragile possessions.

Pack First-Day Bags

Long-distance moving is tiring and odds are you and your family are going to be beat when you finally arrive at your new destination. Much energy is expended both physically and emotionally to make a move successful, so you’re going to want to pack a few overnight bags to settle in your new place immediately without unloading your entire truck.

Whatever you intend on using should be packed LAST on your truck for easy access.

Need Professional Long Distance Moving Services?

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